Koenig Media, LLC has developed over 200 websites since 2002. Many of those website projects still exist today. Have a look at some of our more recent ones. Websites are not for sale, please don't message me about them.


AdventurePix is a friendly and easy to use photo platform built for Photographers by Photographers. We've went through several rounds of updates requested by users, and are still taking suggestions.

Our site is easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Please Spread the Word! We can't grow without your help. Add us to your social media routine. We certainly don't have to be your only platform, but would love to be included.

URL: Adventurepix.com

Use DividendPrice.com to find Dividend Yields and history of stocks. Simple Yet Powerful. Dividend investment database showing historical dividend data on all companies.
URL: DividendPrice.com

Dino Creek delivers amazing videos covering every possible topic on the planet. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we release an interesting video that you’ll want to share with your friends, family, dog, maybe even your step-mother. Whether you want to laugh at the world’s strangest animals or cringe at the worst celebrity behaviors, expect to find the entertaining distractions you’re looking for, right here!
URL: DinoCreek.com

Pet Shelter Software
No other company has created software of this caliber and given it to the shelter community. Our software is not just free it is also elegant, easy to use, powerful, robust, and customizable in a web 2.0 admin and user interface.
URL: PetShopPro.com/

PetCyclopedia.com's aim is to blend the joy of pet ownership with an informative yet easy to navigate user interface meant to enrich the lives of owners and their pets.
URL: PetCyclopedia.com

Gun Reviews
GunData.org is a gun review website and so much more. Each week we create insightful articles detailing specific realms of the gun world. From ballistics to the new high tech weapons, from prices to weapon analysis, we provide some of the best industry data online.
URL: GunData.org

Gem 5
Gem5.com is a website dedicated to informing the ever growing gem and mineral community, as well as providing unbiased consumer education, all in a simple to use and friendly environment. Don’t worry you can trust us, we don’t sell gems we just provide the unbiased facts.
URL: Gem5.com

CoinTrackers.com is a coin community resource that helps numismatists track the ebb and flow of coins through the general public. They also list thousands of United States coins from 1880 up to present detailing full stats and coin values. [Beta Testing]
URL: CoinTrackers.com

SoundBible is the encyclopedia of sounds and just may be the last sound resource you will ever need, or at least we hope so. SoundBible.com has personally assisted in helping out organizations like; The British Columbia Ministry of Finance, Our Dynamic Earth, Tux Paint, along with countless teachers, students, and artist.
URL: SoundBible.com